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半年ぶりに PoseRay 3.13.21 がバージョンアップして 3.13.23 になった
2014年7月24日(木曜日)。先週末(7月18日、日本時刻では19日)に、PoseRay がバージョンアップしました。その時は、丁度、POV-Rayでの70feetヨットとイルカとイヌのシーンにMakeHumanで作った人モデルを組み込もうと、Metasequoia、MakeHuman、PoseRayでデータをやりとりしながら作業をしているところでしたので、PoseRayのバージョンアップ作業を見送っていました。

PoseRayは2014年1月20日に、その時点での最新版 3.13.21(リリースされたのは2013年12月29日) をインストールして使ってきました。『 PoseRay がマイナーバージョンアップして 3.13.20 から 3.13.21 になった | KOKAのつぶやき
そして、久しぶりに7月18日に、3.13.22 へとマイナーバージョンアップがなされました。
昨晩、やっとこの新しいバージョンをインストールしようとPoseRayサイトを訪れてみたら、何と!、もう一つバージョンが上がって 3.13.23 が公開されているではありませんか。


バージョン 3.13.23
PoseRay 3.13.23_2014-07-24.jpg


PoseRay Version History

v3.13.23 (Build 587)

  • Fixed a critical bug with partial POV-Ray code parsing.
  • Added some missing information to the manual.

v3.13.22 (Build 585)

  • Added partial POV-Ray code to the materials. Now a material can use its basic properties plus any custom pigment, normal or finish written in POV-Ray code.
  • Added a way of selecting several groups using their names. Useful for selecting body parts for subdivision.
  • Changed the material preview scene to a UV mesh object.
  • Fixed a bug where the colors in transparency mapping did not match the preview.
  • The POV-Ray material generator now assembles the material using separately defined textures.
  • Updated the quality selector in the POV-Ray tab to match the built-in quality value for POV-Ray.
  • Moved the soft shadow and material trans mapping toggles to the scene options in the POV-Ray tab.
  • Added a white material only for preview renders in the POV-Ray tab.
  • Added a couple of new render presets.
  • Added variable texture filtering as a multiplying factor with the base color.
  • Added a few missing materials to the POV-Ray library. Also fixed some library errors.
  • Added custom normal, pigment or finish POV-Ray code for the filter entries
  • Pigments do not use POV-Ray built-in filtering anymore. It multiplies with the color only if it is non-white and the filtering is greater than zero.
  • Now POV-Ray generated code only writes needed translations, rotations or scaling.
  • Added a sky preview scene that shows a reflection and effect on a white only material.
  • Decreased the default light density to 4x4 instead of 10x10. With high AA the difference is unoticeable.
  • Moved the preview material button to the general material toolbar. Now preview of basic materials does not require manually inserting code into POV-Ray material section.
  • The library thumbnails use the entry's name for easier internal management.
  • Removed the fake fresnel from the basic material. It was moved to the material library as a template.
  • Moved overall pigment transparency to the pigment section as it is one of its properties. Transparency mapping still works as previously.
  • Fixed a bug where the extents of the 3D scene in the preview window could become corrupted.
  • Fixed the first material not being filtered when a Poser or DAZ Studio scene is imported.
  • Default size of area lights is better scaled now.
  • Added a material tool to operate on hair materials. It removes bump, specular and makes the hair render better in POV-Ray.
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